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Benefits Bulletin – January 2019

Court Modifies Order Regarding EEOC Wellness Rules - In late December, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued two final rules removing wellness program incentives under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Genetic Information...

Benefits Bulletin – December 2018

Health Plan Pricing Transparency... The New Frontier? - Two recent developments will likely alter how both Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM’s) and local health plans (insurers) approach health plan pricing in 2019 and beyond. Both developments demonstrate that the...

Benefits Bulletin – November 2018

2019 FSA Limits Finally Announced - The long awaited FSA limits for 2019 have finally been announced, albeit too late for many who have gone through Open Enrollment for the coming year.  Employers that wish to give employees the option to increase their FSA...


Monthly Wellness Newsletter

Wellness Newsletter – March 2019

Weight Loss: Myths vs. Facts - Sound familiar? In your quest to lose weight by improving your diet and getting more exercise, you might be confused by all the information out there. Maybe you read something in a magazine. Maybe you saw an infomercial. How do you...

Wellness Newsletter – February 2019

Seeds of Change; Why you should add more fruits & veggies to your diet... Has anyone ever said to you, “Eat your vegetables!”? Have you ever admonished your own kids to do the same? Are you guilty of throwing away the banana your mom packed in your lunch bag, or...

Wellness Newsletter – January 2019

The In's and Out's of Warming up and Cooling down - OK, you’ve made it to the gym, you’ve donned your sneakers, and you’re ready to go! Or are you? If you’re headed for a workout, whether by yourself or in a group, it’s really important that you arm up before you get...

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